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Gator Trax Advantages
 Gator Trax reduces crop damage by only 
 leaving two tracks through the end rows as 
 opposed to four tracks with a conventional 
 2-wheel steer machine. 

 By upgrading our sprayer fleet over the 
 past year
 we now offer 2 machines with 
 4-wheel steer to
 reduce crop damage and 
 increase bushels in the bin. 

Farmers Elevator & Exchange offers a full service agronomy division that works to provide growers with products and services to increase crop productivity.  Please contact Greg Greiner or Mike Brown for more information about agronomy services.

Crop Protection
Farmers Elevator & Exchange provides a diverse list of bulk, mini-bulk, and prepackaged crop protection products.  The Agronomy Division provides custom and drop nozzle application of crop protection products and crop scouting services.

The Agronomy Division provides custom application and blending of fertilizer products.

  • Products
    • Anhydrous Ammonia, 82-0-0
    • Liquid UAN, 32-0-0
    • Urea, 46-0-0
    • Monoammonium Phosphate (MAP), 11-52-0
    • Diammonium Phosphate (DAP), 18-46-0
    • Potash, 0-0-60
  • Services
    • Dry Fertilizer Spreading
    • Variable Rate Spreading
    • Liquid Fertilizer Application
    • Fertilizer Cart Rental
    • Liquid UAN Applicator Rental
    • Anhydrous Custom Application
    • Anhydrous Toolbar Rental
    • Anhydrous Tank Delivery
    • Soil Sampling
      • Conventional
      • Grid

Farmers Elevator & Exchange offers LG Seeds seed corn, seed beans, and alfalfa.  FEE also has a variety of grass, pasture, and waterway seed.  For seed information or ordering contact Greg Greiner or Mike Brown.

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Agronomy Contacts
Greg Greiner
Assistant Manager
Mike Brown
Agronomy Sales