CENTRAL BANK Trading Desks Move 330am?

CENTRAL BANK Trading Desks Move 330am, It doesnt matter at this point what happened this morning 330am Chicago time but some of the largest participants sold stocks, bought bonds around the World. This feels like day1 to me.

Vice President Pence; Buckle up! Heed this warning and if you have been waiting to play, the day has arrived. Large macro trades are everywhere from buy coffee 123.20, wheat 430 again, S&Ps Eps down 1/2 % after hitting a decent target 2558, new high stops of course. How else do you stay fresh. See my work over at Walsh and look for a recording of yesterdays current macro outlook.

Someone big and long sold stocks. Be on alert. It may not be the ultimate top as inter index stocks sector spreading is rampant and pushing interday markets to extremes which is what my indicator conditionally alerts to. Stocks climaxing on monthly chart.

Last weeks macro comment below, still applies. This was pre USDA bottom.

Maybe. Coffee is game on 123.20. Hit&filled.

Sugar over 14.20-ish possibly to upside if looking to buy sugar, 1376 sell stop.

13.80 and above were olb s.

open order stop and forget it.

only focus on risk stops.

Wheat- buy break.

Corn- its close, price wise.

Beans- you catch last break. No thanks. 989, 984, 982 remain pivots, and hi and low today.

2yr-10yr- Its at a trendline on this break. Flatteners.

Meats- short, new high stops.

ETHANOL-*** 1.38 IS LAST BUY OLIVE. Decision is, are we going to all time lows? If not, then this is a place to buy ethanol technically.

Nobody can predict winners and reason for open order risk- stops. Then relax and with some luck they move 20% in four months like crude $42.01 OLB. Crude now you are in sell areas. $53 on up. Buy coffee sell crude?

Those are the ultra high-frequency front-runner's price pushers. This is why steep speedlines over the stock index then becomes support once we gap open over. FIA Chicgo ends today.

These are momentum futures trading desks max. Squared.

Like in pit trading we all did so well. GAP UP SHARPLY! Buy it long over the opening range type trading strategy if you go home flat daily. If thats you.

Stocks- Dow down 500? Down 5,000 like in 1987 crash anniversary? 9%.

Is Fed trading desk in NY selling option premium till infinity in everything? Thats a good discussion on how the broken budget is being balanced.

It is an accident waiting to happen with so much trading opportunities it will make your head spin. If you need an idea and where we must put a risk stop.

Trader profile must not look at winner when precise and not stopped out. I specialize in that with floor trading strategy to catch big vertical moves.

Throw fundamentals out window.

We trade the now.

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